BCH Price July 24 2018

The closing BCH price on July 23rd was 784.39 USD (Pacific Time), according to CoinMarketCap (UTC).The Coinbase exchange worked out a different number for midnight Pacific Time, 8 hrs later, which was 788.70 USD. This is a far cry from May 5th, when it hit a soaring price of 1728.64 USD -according to Coinbase- following a swift recovery after a prolonged decline from December 2017 and January 2018 (Coinbase). Based upon data from CoinMarketCap, from June 26th to July 23rd, the standard deviation for price, which may be used as a measure of volatility, was 145.5 USD. The image below shows moving standard deviation for this period with a window length of 5 days, i.e. each point represents the standard deviation for the price on that particular day along with BCH Prices for the previous 4 days. All CoinMarketCap data reported is for Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Raw data from CoinMarketCap (Coordinated Universal Time – UTC – 8 hours ahead of Pacific Time)

At 11:44 (Pacific Time), July 24th-, the price of BTC was 854.13 USD, according to Coinbase, down from 861.70 USD at 06:00, the highest it has been since July 18th of 2018. That high represents a 73 USD increase from the 788.70 USD opening price. Bitcoin Cash has displayed greater volatility than BTC over the month-long period from June 24th and July 24th. The correlation over the last 90 day period between BCH and BTC was .8, with a P-value less than .005, .05 and lower being a common benchmark in academic research for statistical significance.

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